William Blamire MP(1790-1862)
Tithe Copyhold and Enclosure Commissioner
“That most estimable man, that indefatigable public servant”
(Tribute to William Blamire by Sir Robert Peel)
The Blamire Trust
Cumberland Yeoman


William Blamire 1790 - 1862

Each year the Trustees of the Blamire Memorial Trust consider names put forward as potential recipients of this prestigious award, which was originally funded by the subscription made in 1862 in memory of William Blamire.

The medal may be awarded annually to one or more persons directly involved in farming practice in the old county of Cumberland, or to persons in what are called supporting industries or occupations. Frequently one of each is awarded. The Trustees have the right to withhold the award in any particular year, though in recent times a list of worthy candidates has been available for consideration.

Individuals and organisations representing the interests of farming and the countryside are invited to submit nominations to the secretary.

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